Mental Illness

United States
March 26, 2008 11:02am CST
Most people feel uncomfortable talking about their mental illness because of the stigma that is associated with it in this world. I was also uncomfortable but then I realized that the only way your goint to get rid of stigma is by fighting back. I fought back by writing articles about my mental illness and also was trained to be a speaker. How do you feel being open with your mental illness? What are some of the ways you can help to fight against stigma?
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• India
26 Mar 08
It depends on the attitudes of people around you. May I ask which country you are from? Also, mental illnesses are very strange, in that they really may not be illness at all. In fact it is such a thin line between madness and excess of a positive quality like courage, intelligence, happiness etc that you never know when people claim you have crossed that line. It so happens that mental illnesses can also have a lot of psychoanalytical significance - like clairvoyance etc. So I would never call someone mad! Coming to social stigma, I think the attitudes of people need to change - the outlook towards life in general. It is a very difficult thing, but not impossible.