March 26, 2008 7:09pm CST
Does anybody here knows how to play meepo (a hero in DOTA allstars)... You can give me tips coz i find it hard to control this characters not like other characters in the game. thanks
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• Singapore
2 Apr 08
auras are a given in using meepoo to own. the way not to get owned is to make sure that there are no aoe opponents. Ur net is the key to getting to people so use the tab button to shuffle between units to throw the nets with 2 sec apart. and of course, being meepoo, you level up a lot faster than others.
• Philippines
3 Apr 08
yeah that makes sense.. thanks for the idea. Now i know that you can use the tab for changing characters ^^. I'll try that. There's really a lot of button to press by using meepo it is sooo complicated. But I think I'm getting the hang of it.. I'll practice more hehe
• Philippines
5 Feb 10
That`s right pausmiling when you make a short control number to meepo`s images. You can able to push the tab button to control the other one and just push tab again to manage the other one. This is one of the basic tips for you to be able to control meepo. This the process of it: when you are controlling meepo1 push thd button T [for the net] and push the tab to control meepo2 and same process with the other one. By using the tab button? You can also able to manage your allied unit. This button is also effectively with chen the Holy knight.
• Canada
13 May 08
This hero is defintly one that requires some sort of micro. With four meepos running around this can either greatly benefit you or massivly screw you over. First thing first get auro items or aoe items. Vlads and mekanism work great especailly if you got a couple meepos low on health. Meepo levels up real fast so u dont really want to go after anyone on your own unless its a sure bet. Wait like 10 min till your late game and start your ganking. Other than this the only advise i can offer is stay away from pokers and learn to micro.
• Philippines
15 May 08
hehe im a bit newb on the terms. what is a "micro" in dota?
11 May 08
try not to use Ctrl + 1 it is easy if you use F1 F2 F3 & F4 when changing control
• Philippines
12 May 08
that's a new info. thanks for bringing up that trick. I'll try to apply it on one of my games.
• United States
22 Dec 10
get a treads, ring of basilius, and mekansm. then a blink dagger or upgrade your vlads. that is core. after that you can pick up various things like manta, desolator, heart, guinsoo, skadi. all kinds of things work with him
• Philippines
7 Feb 10
I'm not bragging guys but I'm one of the deadliest Meepo you'll ever encounter. I should say he is my best hero. I consider him a bit imba. For me, anyone who can micro him will certainly own. He is design to gang on his own. For me his most important item is the Blink Dagger. He make wonders with that item. The element of surprise is what make Meepo a harder nemesis. What do you think?
@online_jon (1478)
• Philippines
5 Feb 10
Meepo is one of the most complicated hero in the world of Dota~Allstars. For the reason every time he reached the level 6, 11 and 16 he create a new meepo again until he became four. Then everytime one meepo will day all meepo will also die and it will be the way for you to be pawned. But if you have a good controlling skill you can able to manage those meepo very easy and you can able to avoid problem navigating it. One good about meepo is he can able to spread the meepo in the nutral creeps and manage earning gold. At this kind of situation he can easily have a good item to survive the game. Well, I prefer dagger item on this hero to make it killer. Sometips? I think the best tips would be to practice and practice it. To owned the game!
• Philippines
16 Feb 09
My tips for meepo. First RoB (ring of basilus) and some tangos Ring of regeneration Immediately go for vladimirs. When you gain level 5 you can now start farming in the neutral creeps don't go for lane because you might get gank. Go for poof and net. Buy boots to power treads build item. (strenght first for HP boosts) Then go for meka. Use meepos wisely when attacking creeps. Go to lane if necessary. Build meka fast and when you gain level 12+ you can now start roshan kill. Roshan grow stronger every minute it counts. So kill him ASAP. Meka + vladimirs + PT is enough to beat him. You have 3 meepo beside you use them wisely. When late game comes use assault and dagger for poof power. I don't recommend using lothars because gem can disable him. Remember don't use meepo in 5v5 if all the line up of the enemy are AOE's.
@Apollyon (91)
• Philippines
23 Dec 08
if you're still new to meepo. you have to know that poof is what makes it so strong. item build for newbies in meepo is. 1. mekansm 2. vladimirs 3. treads 4. cuirass 5. desolator 6. guinsoo or heart my build for meepo. well i don't do meka and vladimirs anymore. i just form a treads then a dagger then poof it's magic. it's real fun using the dagger. the just for a guinsoo right away.
• Philippines
20 Jul 08
this hero is very strong... just buy vladmirs,meka and then guinsoo, then its over
• Indonesia
30 Jun 08
Meepo is unique char. But if u can control 3 of them u can rule the game. Item build for meepo jus like evereybody said already. Vladimir,Mekans. But i recomend 2 more items! Cuiras n Manta Style! This high class item which need hardwork gathering money from neutral creeps.
@RebirthX (40)
• Philippines
16 May 08
Hmm tips, well for meepo you hafta buy aura items, 1)mekanism 2)vladimirs offering 3)assault cuirass 4)Anything, you will already own them :) Tip: Lessen the use of meepo in 5v5 games. Meepo gets owned easily in clashes
@xalimx (54)
• Malaysia
14 May 08
Skills - bring up all net, and slow skill.n ult after that Select all meepo and then use tab to control each of them, keep "tab"ing while wanna use net into enemy.Bring only 2 of meepo if u wanna farm 1, the rest put into jungle for juggling .. buy aura first 1. meka 2. power thread 3. vladamir offering 4. go for Cuirass 5. is up to u 6. is up to u