Sometimes I Wonder....

March 26, 2008 9:07pm CST
Tonight my husband and I were watching American Justice on A&E, when something interesting occured to us. During video footage of the interrogation o a crimminal, we noted that several profanities were bleeped out (censorship). This led to the following question. Howcome words that certain people deem to be profanities, that are just pieces of gibberish to people who do not know what they mean, are bleeped out, when President George W Bush is allowed to speak publically on a daily basis, to spoud crap, and NOTHING of his crap is deleted? Why do we deem certain WORDS as profane, yet politicians who use "perfectly acceptable language" are allowed to fill our minds with crap on a daily basis?
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@robert19ph (4584)
• Philippines
21 Jun 08
Hello danishcanadian, Power has it's privileges and most politician have power. They can do what they want because of certain priviliges they have on the position they holds. That's why politic is very dirty because of the available power you can hold against any individual. Here in our country, where it is very politicized. They fight each other for a position. They do whatever they can to get or hold on to their positions. We have what we call political dynasty. It's very common here that political figures get shot, ambushed or murdered. Even journalist, priest, teacher and ordinary people are not safe in this political environment. So you see they can do what they want. You can joke about them but beware you might step on the wrong toe and you are a goner.