which is more clever, Student or Teacher???

March 26, 2008 9:35pm CST
not really a stupid question, think properly, and give the reasons why? for example a teacher teach 2 subjects to his students.... but a student learns 12 subjects from different teachers.... so which one is more clever???
2 responses
• New Zealand
27 Mar 08
Without a doubt the teacher would have more knowledge. After all, our teacher's would have gone to school at some stage also... and after that, they would've gone on to study degrees at universities. Many of my high school teachers had honours, masters, and a few had doctorates, and I had great respect for them and the fact that they chose to teach, when they could have made much more money doing other professions. (Although some came to teach after doing another more well-paid profession. But then they still chose teaching instead of continuing on with those jobs...)
• China
27 Mar 08
a interesting problem... knowledge include extensive and profound, it is difficult to judge which is more clever. the student who you said learns 12 subjects, means extensive, but the teacher is profound.