In Process Now.. Any advice I should know. Upgrading to At&t yahoo highspeed.

United States
March 27, 2008 1:22am CST
Modem arrived last evening and now going to install and set up. Any tips or things I should do first ?
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@santuccie (3374)
• United States
28 Mar 08
Congratulations on making the move to highspeed! One of the very first things you should do is install security software. Do you have current antivirus, antispyware, and firewall already? If not, AT&T provides Norton Internet Security to their subscribers for free. For awhile I couldn't stand Norton, because it was so heavy on system resources. But the latest version seems to be a lot lighter now. I replaced my choirmaster's retail box version of Norton with AT&T's integrated version about a month ago because AT&T couldn't monitor the components in the retail package (even though it was the exact same version), and displayed a warning icon in the system tray that was throwing up an annoying error message. Her machine was pretty old, yet it ran NIS 2008 just fine. Also, I understand that Symantec and the other two industry leaders (in terms of market share), McAfee and Trend Micro, all employ technologies that block drive-by infection now. A drive-by download is when you visit a Web page that happens to be compromised, and malware automatically loads on your system and attempts to install itself. I haven't put Norton or PC-Cillin (Trend) to the test myself, but I've tested McAfee, and it stood rock-solid against attacks from some of the most hostile sites on the Web. Security software is getting better. You don't have to go with Symantec if you don't want to, but it would probably be the most convenient thing for you. And for near-perfect protection, at least from remotely-triggered infection, the price is certainly right. Anyway, do make sure you have a basic security apparatus installed and up to date before you surf too far from the homepage.
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