Reminiscing on the Good Old Days.....Remembering , Remembering

@tjades (3593)
March 27, 2008 1:24am CST
How often do you stop to reminisce on the good old days of growing up? Thinking about just how different things are these days and of some of the things you wish had not changed? I recall the days when we used to sit as a family and listen as mom and dad told us stories of their childhood. We would hang on to their everyword enjoying it, be it a song, story or aspects of their lives. There were times when daddy told some scary stories which would find us holding our breath and then when they said, ok its bed time, no one moved and no one wanted to sleep in their own bed. We would all find reasons why we needed to sleep with mommy and daddy that night. Of course they would laugh at us and send us off to bed just the same. I remember moonshine nights when all around us was bathed in the silver light of the moon and we would go out in the yard and our parents would teach us songs and games they used to play in the moon light as children. Nothing can replace those memories. I feel guilty though because now we hardly find time to do the same for the little one in the house. My nephew. Since he is the only child here he does get a lot of attention but sometimes I dont think they are of the quality that our parents spent with us. I often wonder what he will remember as the best part of his childhood when he becomes a man and if he will have even less time for his children. Whta do you think? What childhood moments cause you to reminisce?
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