cheat in the exam

March 27, 2008 9:14am CST
Tomorrow,I'll have an exam and I'll cheat in it because if I don't I will not pass it.I feel very terrible and upset now. It's an exam in which everyone will cheat.I wonder why does exam like this should exist.Is it right to cheat? Have you ever cheated in your exam?What did you feel when you were doing it?
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@wickedangel (1636)
• Dominican Republic
27 Mar 08
I am sorry that you feel you have to cheat in an exam. You still have time not to do it. I wouldn't, personally, because I don't think I would like myself afterwards and that's who you have to live with, yourself. I can't understand why everyone is going to cheat at it or how you can do it. But personally, I wouldn't do it.
28 Mar 08
Thank you very much for your advice. Unfortunately,I've done it. It's an exam that only focus on the form Even if the teacher find that you are cheating,they do nothing but take away your reference book. Though it is any exam that doesn't make any sense,I still feel very sad. I strongly agree with you ,but I have no other choice.I decide that I will never do it again for it really make me feel sad and guity