Is anyone else sick of Floyd Mayweather yet?

@Marcola (2776)
United States
March 27, 2008 12:54pm CST
Yes, I know it's a huge match he has with Big Show at Wrestlemania and they're hyping it to the extreme. It's a big deal for WWE, but it's getting overbearing. I'll be happy when Wrestlemania is over with so I don't have to hear Michael Buffer and others give their take on the match. Also, I won't have to watch Mayweather show off his house, clothes, all his money...Gah! Enough is enough!
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27 Mar 08
It is a pain,but there we are, they wanted to tilise Big Shows Boxing Experience and use it at WM. I personnaly think it will either end in Mayweather winning or DQ or something, as I dont think they want to tarnish his record. I would prefer Big Show winning, but wait and see. Yeah I dont like Mayweather.
18 Apr 08
Thanks for best response.
@arcidy (5016)
• United States
17 Apr 08
I got sick of him when he first started to speak. He was an arrogant jerk and hes suppose to be a good guy how can you relate to him only people who can relate to him are other rich arrogant people like him. I thought he ruined the whole feud between him and big show now if he was heel I would of thought he was pretty good.
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31 Mar 08
Mayweather won, I'm happy he did. One of my favorite boxers he is. I'm surprised as many people hate him, he is suppose to be fighting because of Rey Mysterio, one of the biggest baby faces today.