@agfarm (930)
United States
March 27, 2008 3:09pm CST
The Word Diesel invokes so many thoughts...... But for Me it Only Means One thing........ my 4 month old Sharpei ( Diesel ) that has Become all too comfortable with eating the Sheet-rock in the Garage. I can't have him in the house , because this teething little Canine would devour everything in site. as it is.... he has progressed to eating my staircase into the house. It's , of course wood. Is this normal behavior for Sharpeis?????? I'm only familiar with Bunnie-chasing Beagles. Does anyone else' pet eat their walls , or am I just Lucky ? I know it's not a stress issue for Him , because he's a very happy little bugger....after all....he has Roo to protect him. A little help please.
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