do you have pierced in your body aside from that in your ears?

March 27, 2008 3:48pm CST
I only have pierced in my ears. the part of the ears where we usually put our earrings and the other one is in the upper portion of my ears. I really love to have piercing in my navel but they said, its very painful. how about you?
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@bcote212 (1113)
• United States
27 Mar 08
I have had my eyebrow, my labret(lip) and my tongue pierced. Actually I have my tongue pierced twice, but I have taken off all of the others. I took them out not because I didnt like them anymore, but because I had to take them out for work. I do hope to get my labret repierced though cause that was awesome. As far as pain none of them really hurt. The most painfull was probably the tongue and it really wasent all that bad. I think that least painfull was the labret.
• Norway
27 Mar 08
youre a tough guy! lol.. isnt it uncomfortable having those pierce in your lip and tongue? i mean, you can always feel them since its inside your mouth.
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• Canada
28 Mar 08
both of my ears are pierced in the regular spots, and i also have a piercing in my right eyebrow. didn't hurt a bit. it was over way too soon for any pain to i'm thinking about getting my lip pierced too.....
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@katfish86 (146)
10 Apr 08
I currently have eleven piercings, five of which are in my ear lobes. I also have one in my left cartilage, my right tragus and my right rook pierced. my piercings that aren't on my ears are my navel, nose and tongue web; I used to have my lip pierced too. My navel piercing was virtually painless. My tragus was the most painful.
• Norway
12 Apr 08
I salute you for being so brave to take all the pain from those piercing! lol..
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14 Apr 08
Most of my piercings didn't hurt! And anyway, pain in momentary, I love piercings. I don't like to let the thought of the pain stop me getting the piercings I want. I also love taking care of new piercings, babying them etc.