Memory of a good book

@wsamboer (186)
South Africa
March 27, 2008 4:09pm CST
Very many years ago,as a high school student, I read a very good work of fiction. A book that really gripped my imagination so much that I could not, but otherwise feel the nostalgia well up in me again. Of feelings and emotions which I could not describe at the time. It was a translation of the South African equivalant of Dutch, 'Afrikaans.' The English version would be called, "Simon of Cyrene." It's about this man, Simon, from the town of Cyrene, who reportedly was an African follower of Jesus Christ. He was reputed to have been the follower who was asked to help carry the cross of Christ, after the the Lord was too weak to carry it further. He was however told by his hipocrytical, racist "master" that he, no matter how much of a good life he lives or good he does, will never, ever be able to enter heaven, because there is no place in heaven for any dark skin people, like him. Confused and depressed he battles with this repressive announcement by his "master." Not knowing why he and every black person will never share in the glory of heaven, no matter how holy and good a life they live. I, having lived at the time I read this, and for many years after that up to 1994 under a repressive regime; called an "Apartheid government." I knew at the time that most white people in South Africa had the same idea about black people. (I lived with them and worked with them) To many white South Africans, black people were either God's step-children or not his creation, or part of the animal kingdom. And because black people lived under the most severe racial discrimination and oppression at the time, it stirred up feelings in me of such an intensity, that I found myself emotionally moved to tears. I was about seventeen at the time. I hoped then, that no black person should ever read this book. Being of mixed race, I myself felt a hatred for anyone who came with the idiology that black is inferior and of no value. I myself am not black, or white, but I know that what you read can either influence your life positively or negatively; there is no middle lane. But we should not stop reading well written literature. Especially those by well known authors. Reading can really help to cultivate better values in us if, we of course select literature that are an ointment to our souls and a spiritual balm at times. And of course, don't forget it can also bring laughter which is also good for the soul.
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@subhaak (63)
• India
28 Mar 08
Reading book gives lot of pleasure for me. I read lot of books which are good in incorporating indian culture or books related to the maintenance of good health or books related to the tricks of the trade of any good business.
@wsamboer (186)
• South Africa
28 Mar 08
General reading is the only way to learn more. Also, it gives you a great deal of advice. Self improvement books, like those you're reading helps to keep you motivated.