whats your favourite car...?

March 27, 2008 7:03pm CST
if you have to choose a car in the market which one do you prefer...?and why...? i have a gal friend which one suits me better...please suggest me...!
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• Australia
29 Mar 08
My favourite car at the moment is the Mini Cooper. I am hoping by save up and buy one in 5 years time when I can afford to insure a supercharged version. But my bf has just bought himself a Lexus is200 with the Legana body kit and Alteza front bumper and it's very nice. I own a 98 Barina which is such a good little car for me that gets me from A to B.
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@Tark28 (6)
• Canada
28 Mar 09
1955 benz 300sl in silver gull wings what a car o what a car
• Canada
22 Mar 09
My favourite car is probably the Dodge Viper Concept. It has a sleek look to it, it's an exotic car too which makes it all the better. Actually I think Viper is realated to the Muscle car in cars terms. Either way It is an excellent car!
2 Apr 08
well let me say my favorite car is ferrari as it's my dream to hv a one
• India
31 Mar 08
Lambourgini dialbo - its smart cool and faster
• United States
30 Mar 08
1998 toyota supra rz twin turbo rofl. greatest car known to man I think. Im currently looking for one. I own a 86 model of the car. but yeah a supra is the sexiest car out there and I think your girlfriend would agree lol/
@aenasao (129)
• China
30 Mar 08
well,i think it depends on your budget,if you have enough moeny,there are many options.wish you have your car soon.
@cupid74 (11394)
• Pakistan
29 Mar 08
well i would say i have Toyota Corolla XE, Model 2000 and i love it LOL
@naniglavs (210)
• India
28 Mar 08
my favourite car is bmw....