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United States
March 27, 2008 9:15pm CST
racials matter undead for horde dont get me wrong i (troll) still own folks in pvp im not the GOAT but i hold my own in koraliastraz (or somthing like that) server BE are ok because of the mana but consume magic is a lame racial priest power i guess berserking for a horde healer i dont know the racials for ally priest really but i pvp and am thinking of rolling a dranaei priest any one have words of wisdom about ally priest other than human disc priests are best disc priest for spirit reasons i like shadow especially endgame so disc and holy arent even in my plans and engineering will be my trade im an alchemist now and thats not as nice as i thought it would be
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@guamuser (32)
• Guam
28 Mar 08
I think the best horde race is undead for priests. Tho i won't go for priests cause they're only selected for parties and isn't really good in PVP. I like horde players more than alliance due to the fact that i know the places better and is over the ordinary making me like it more. Would you people like to buy a game and then only see people and not special monsters or bosses etc.. ?