Helping others = happy you?

@redrover (597)
United States
March 27, 2008 9:26pm CST
I was listning to a podcast and they were interviewing a study expert. They had done an experiment in what makes people happy. First they gave a group a bunch of money with no instructions. They all spent it on themselves, and later on claimed to be no happier. The second group they gave them the money, but this time said they had to give it away. When they came back most claimed to be happier. The conclusion is people feel happier when helping others. Do you agree? How would you choose who to give the money to if given the chance?
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• China
28 Mar 08
i think it's sometimes not help others you will happy! i saw onething from the news the guys help a old lady but the old lady didn't say "thanks you " and her said "it's none of your business please go awaly " i think it's real thing in our society