Has celphone became a status symbol?

@p_vadla (1687)
March 28, 2008 4:26am CST
Now a days use of cell phone has become quite common. But we find many people trying to show off their model as the advanced and always hold phone in hand and always seem to talk to somebody over it.Has it attained status symbol?
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@djmarion (4901)
• Philippines
30 Mar 08
maybe during the previous years cellphone has really become a status symbol but i don't think it is a status symbol any longer. cellphone today is a necessity, most of us need it in order to communicate in our day to day living. the demand for cellphone is very high. the only reason that makes it a status symbol nowadays is the people buying the latest and expensive brands and showing it off to the crowd.
@tulleh (33)
28 Mar 08
It's a sad fact of society today. I had a brick phone for a good few years. Finally got a new one for Christmas.
@naniglavs (210)
• India
28 Mar 08
i think no...But its important has raised to such an extent that even a auto driver can't live without a cell
@tk4159 (134)
28 Mar 08
I agree with you! today most people try to show off their cell phones i feel this pretty much odd i dont know why people cant live with simplicity. I only want to say "these people are stupid"!!!
• Philippines
28 Mar 08
i guess having the latest cp model should not be a status symbol or indication of status of any particular person... in fact we cannot know...a very rich person probably is still using a common cellphone model...wyl an average person may have the most advance model of cp... yet he/she haven't paid it yet or tru debt...so i will leave by saying " dont judge a book by its (cellphone) cover" ^_^
@cdparazo (5768)
• Philippines
28 Mar 08
Maybe about 5 years ago but now it's no longer a status symbol. I am a very old model and those people working under me have celphones way more hi-tech and expensive compared to mine but my salary is 3 times compared to their salary. They don't make a joke about my celphone but I guess they want to tell me to get a new model. My celphone is already 4 years old. LOL!