Auto Repair Headaches

@Carolyn63 (1403)
United States
March 28, 2008 11:25am CST
It's been one of those mornings. I have fussed, to put it politely, at 3 different parts suppliers. My husband and I have a small auto repair shop. We do alignments and brakes as a specialty. We also do oil changes, suspension and drive train work. I had ordered parts from the dealership, giving them the parts numbers for the two types of oil filters I was out of. Well, they only got half right. They told me, well, hardly anyone uses that number anymore. Too bad, this customer is a regular and I need the oil filters I asked for. So, we go chasing down a quality oil filter elsewhere. The send the wrong one. I call them and give them the factory part number so they can look it up that way and we go pick it up. The threads are messed up on the Wix filter. I order a Bosch from another source. About that time, the dealership shows up with the correct filters. I put the Bosch up for safe keeping. Now I order an idler pulley. Guess what, it's wrong! Now, most people not in the automotive field don't realize that when they bring a car in we have to have as much info from the customer and off the car as possible. Some of the things we need to get from the vehicle; Make, Model, Year, with or without ABS brakes, 4 wheel ABS or 2 wheel ABS, with or without Traction Control, 2WD or 4x4, manual or power steering, Vin#,liters, transmission code. We actually had one car that the only way to determine which of the 12 axles listed for the car would fit was whether or not it had a Boughs radio in it or not! When you drop you car, I need to know, is it making a noise, describe the noise, when is it making it, while stopping, turning, accelerating? Is it pulling? Is it vibrating? Again, when? If you just leave a car and say it is making a noise, that can get interesting. Most times there is more than one noise. I need your help to pinpoint exactly which noise it is you are referring to. The more you share with me, the better I am able to asist you. Oh, and let me ask a little favor. When you give me a cell number to reach you at, make sure you A) have it with you; and B) have it turned on. Help me to help you. I am the go between. I have you on one side and the parts suppliers on the others. I want you to be satisfied, but I need your help.
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