Moses Code

@gandatwo (602)
March 28, 2008 3:36pm CST
Has anyone read James Twyman's Moses Code?Have just received an email on it.If so what are your thoughts?
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@manya_pearl (1905)
• Singapore
29 Mar 08
Hah? Moses code? Why these days, so many authors write everything that makes it seemed really related to the bible. Let's say da vinci code, its only a drawring of da vinci, who even doesnt know how Jesus's face... hmmm, and the author said all lies that really dangerous for Christian who has weak faith, are new christian who is still growing and learning more about Jesus... And now moses code. Honestly i just know now that there;s novel Moses code. What kind of code that? Do you think their minds are not creative, such pernicious lying, makes up story that really never exist and try to make it really there.... lying about bible and they will be punished in the hell... hmmm... i hate those authors, they just have blank mind to create story that comes from evil imagination... i'm sorry... i just wanna say, i dont like those lack creative authors!
@gandatwo (602)
• Australia
29 Mar 08
The Author of the Moses Code(I think it may be a Dvd movie) as my post asked, had anyone "read" it) I foolishly thought it was reffering to a book.In regards to the Moses Code which at this very moment I have not had time to research,the Author James Twyman has spent many years travelling with his messages of peace to war torn Countries.Given this I very much doubt his work would be anything but one of peace,hope,faith and charity. I do believe too many people jump to conclusions,"brand" works they have not taken the time to research etc,which results in a non justified persercution...Just as Jesus experienced???? May I suggest anyone wishing to research this Dvd/book refer to the following site as I am about to do.