why do people drink( get boozed)

March 28, 2008 4:48pm CST
why do people get drunk, & if they ever get drunk wht do they get by getting drunk i have seen people who get drunk full, are not even able to stand on their legs, they keep dancing, besides that how is it possible that they just keep shouting at the ones they are angry with, only during that time do they say what ever is in their mind or they just think that they can speak what ever comes to the mind only when drunk, i am just thinking what is true, some people do not behave like others, they get drunk, but just cannot know they are what do you think about this, i am still searching for an answer??/
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@alexdra77 (147)
29 Mar 08
i am not sure why they do possibly many reason including euphoria courage etc.. i saw one man a few days ago he was in the middle of the road and a vehicle was blowing. he could hardly walk or sit down on a bench and it was nearly 3 in the afternoon. i think the best person to ask sre those who get to this stage.
9 Apr 08
hi there, yes i do agree , when people get drunk, they dont know what they are doing, & it is so embarrasing sometimes to see the same person again, how will we have respect on people who drink & not able even to stand on their feet, when they want to get drunk, let them but why on streets, walking with out their sense too
@itsmepinky (1301)
• India
29 Mar 08
coz some want to forget their sorrows while others just wanna have a good time
• United States
28 Mar 08
cause its fun!
@ruby222 (4848)
28 Mar 08
It seems a bit silly to me,ok ..you go and have a drink and enjoy yourself...thats really good...but if you go out sheerly to get blitzed...well thats a different ball game...its a waste of time and money...you cant remeber the time youve had...youve spent a fortune....to me i would much rather go out and be able to remeber it all afterwards!!