Have you ever been discriminated against?

United States
March 28, 2008 5:16pm CST
I am from the Philippines. On my way here to the United States, our plane had to stop over to Japan and from there, a few of us had to take a connecting flight to Detriot. I had to go through the usual security inspection after we alighted the plane. And from there, walk through the gate where my connecting flight was supposed to take off. But suddenly, before going in the plane, a man stopped me and asked me questions about my flight. I was so surprised to have been questioned. He asked me many things which as far as I'm concerned, was none of their business . And after that, a lady asked me to step over the side. She asked me to remove my jacket and shoes, had a metal detector over my body, inspected my bags and asked me questions. She was a bit polite nevertheless. It took me a while to enter the plane again. I tried to be calm, but I did not help but ask myself, 'what I do?' I kind of got into my senses after. I did try to observe, and felt I was discriminated against because no one among my group was questioned or had been asked to go through that rigorous inspection, except me. Or at least from among the group which I was with when I was about to enter the plane. I asked a few friends if what happened to me was SOP. They told me that they pick people randomly for inspection. But what was sad was when one told me that most probably, I was picked because I was the lone Filipino in the group at that time. Oh well, what a classic case of discrimination.
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28 Mar 08
I very much doubt that you were deliberately targetted, random checks are made constantly and you just happened to be chosen this time. I have been discriminated against in the job market because of my age, now that really hurts.
28 Mar 08
I doubt the staff that do the checks do anything any more complicated than count a certain number of people and ask every hundredth or whatever it may be. Can you imagine how boring it would be to check people's stuff? The only thing I think they would honestly be thinking about is when the end of their shift is, and how many more people are going to bite their head off about "discrimination". I have been genuinely discriminated against when applying for a job. I was told that because I was a white male I could not have the job. No speculation there, they told me to my face and said that they had not met their "equal opportunities quotas". That's what really sucks.
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28 Mar 08
no i dont feel that way at all.