Is anyone else annoyed with Harley and Cyrus? Or the show in general?

@sissy15 (5403)
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March 28, 2008 6:52pm CST
I am so annoyed with the story line between Harley and Cyrus, I really liked Cyrus with Marina. I am getting so annoyed with the way that show is going. First off they broke up Gus and Harley who I loved together. Then they put Gus with Natalia, who I don't hate but I don't like either, to me she is just there. Then they have Cyrus and Harley betray Marina. Then they go and kill Gus off, and one of the main Reasons Ricky Paull said he was leaving was because he didn't like the way his character was being written. Along with wanting to try new roles, but I think even he was annoyed at how they broke up him and Harley. Harley and Gus were one of my favorite couples, although they did start to get boring there for a bit, but you know it wouldn't have stayed that way. They could have at least had Gus leave town or something, that way he could come back as Gus, if he ever decided to, instead of killing him. That way it's not another Jeffery/Richard deal if he does ever come back. Although I do love Jeffery, but it's not the same when they do that to a character, everyone loved Gus, and to ever make him some look alike seems so wrong. Anyway back to Harley and Cyrus, I don't care much for the couple at all, maybe it has something to do with the fact that for me her and Gus were the ones that were supposed to end up together, or because I loved Cyrus and Marina together so much, although I think Marina and Mallet would be good together too, but at the same time weird considering he was married to Harley, is it odd that the families on soaps always seem to share men? Ha ha, but I do however like the whole Bill and Lizzie relationship, I hate Ava anymore, I do love Ashlee and I do kind of like her with coop, even though it still seems kind of off between them, but I will still watch the show, just because I seem to feel dedicated to it for some reason, hopefully they will turn it around...oh and I also hate Cassie and Josh together too, but oh well. So what's everyone elses opinion on everything?
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@happy6162 (3011)
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29 Jun 09
I did not like it when harley started seeing cyrus when she new her neice marina was in love with him. Gus and harley were a good couple together but they were having problems which i never understood why. Cyrus just did not love marina enough and it was better she found out before they were married if that would have ever happened.