do you have a friend of this kind?

@qiao522 (449)
March 28, 2008 9:17pm CST
maybe,you two used to date and now still have feelings for each other,but you aren't together; maybe,you miss him or her much more than you thought you would; this kind of friend,we know,the relationship is really complicated and it means a lot to you,between love and friendship; maybe,you two donot contact each other so often; when you miss her or him,maybe just because of a song or a kind of color,you feel warm at the very deep part of your heart; when you were depressed or under great pressure,you really want him or her to support and understand you.... but a lot of things prevend you two from getting back together ,and maybe you don't want to be back together,because that is your memory inside,the most beautiful and heartful history you have. i have the friend and i really value our friendship. do you have this kind of friend? how do you work it out when you broke up for first time? please share...
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@manya_pearl (1905)
• Singapore
29 Mar 08
Yeah, its happened to me actually. I miss him, and he missed me... but we never be together. Its like we're just too stupid to have such feelings and never make it clear. He has no mouth to say his feeling for me, and so do i... So we just keep it by ourselves, as something that we dont know if its will be revealed. Its really depressed especially when you see that person walking together with other woman/man... i felt jealous and really hurt! I also hang out with my friends who almost boys... and he looks that mad, and it makes me afraid what he thinks about me. Its really hurt, but we also do not know how to tell our feelings, until now. Actually we two, always have the same hobbies and favorites... boyband, music genre, drawing, even novel, food, just to incredible for such friend and maybe secret love... its really hurt if i see him again... i dont know his feeling for me now. Until now, we still contact each other.
@qiao522 (449)
• China
30 Mar 08
i don't know what to say. matbe it is just an expierence of our life. it hurts and we did nothing to fix it because we can do nothing.