What to do with hackers of War Rock

@egikov (11)
United States
March 28, 2008 10:36pm CST
What do you think about what to do with hackers of war rock? We can't catch them - we are just players. We can't add programs to modify War Rock game to know where they live. What can we do? We can only send tickets to report them. But they are creating new accounts almost immediately. Most of them levels ones, cause they banned very fast. But not fast enough. What we need is to track them down and beat them up. What do you think? Or maybe we should go to court to get money for moral suffering? I am a premium member now. Why the hackers even exist? Can we catch them and teach them to play fair? Why there is so many of them? Do you have the solution? Do you know what to do? Or just send the support tickets as usual...
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