help me avoid snoring!

March 29, 2008 1:15pm CST
I am a regular person. I am not fat or have any heavy heath problems. I don't smoke. But i snor a lot and i snor very loud especially when taking in an average amount of alcohol. Or even when I get tired, or even just sleeping after an ordinary day still i snorr loud and a lot. One effect of it that I don't like is that when I snorr a lot, when i wake up in the morning, my UVULA gets longer. At about 1 or 11.5 cm. longer. it really irritates me coz when I breath in I will swallow the uvula and when I breath out the uvula will lie down on my tongue. It is really an awful feeling. My uvula will swell down after a couple of hours or a day. I am concern about my condition and i approached an EENT doctor and all she said was to have somebody wake me up if I am snorring too loud. Well please help me find some tips and any advices on what to do in order to help me avoid or stop to snorr. Thanks and all responses will be highly appreciated.
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• India
29 Mar 08
sleep one sided ly that means towards one side try oil pulling it would give a good result for you