Question about make money kingdom

@jhl930 (3605)
United States
March 29, 2008 2:45pm CST
Earlier this month I got two infractions one was for sensless posting and flooding...and they were by the same admin and I ve never had that problme before no one has ever said anyhting to me at all and i emailed him back and ask him about it and I got no reply so I wasj ust wondering when i try nad cash out this month will I still get paid?
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• United States
29 Mar 08
what is senseless posting and flooding?
• United States
30 Mar 08
TO me it sounds like it means when you go through different discussions with no interest or intent to type anything but a few words just so you will get more money. That is obviously going to be caught on a site that pays you to post discussions. I'm sure a lot of people try it though. I have seen questions where people will reply with something that makes no sense with the discussion. It's cheating and laziness. :-) thats just my opinion though.
@chrislotz (8203)
• Canada
15 Jun 08
I don't work the site much anymore since I am too busy working in mylot. When I first became a member there I was posting a lot and made the payout every month. But then they started to lower the earnings on each post and so eventually I just didn't work it anymore. I haven't been active there for about 3 months now but I may go back again since it has been a while and there might be more for me to respond to. The site is only about ways to make money so after awhile there is nothing more to say. It is always about the same money making sites and if you keep responding to the same discussion they consider that useless responding and you get infractions and lose money you earned, even on other responses. They infracture you for more points than the response you posted, made. So until you reach the payout amount again, you will not get paid. Then you have to request it again to get paid. I will be back there soon, and see what is there now to respond to.
• Philippines
29 Mar 08
well that is really hard question. i am member of this site. i have not have any infraction yet. and i have been paid twice already. and hopefully this week my third payment. well i try to make a very long post on this site. cause i really don't want them to say that i am making senseless post and i just post i am really familiar with.