T.V. Annoyance !!!

@sconibear (8010)
United States
March 29, 2008 7:56pm CST
ok, i know a lot of you are old enough to know what i'm talking about. remember when you watched tv and the screen just showed whatever it was you were watching? then slowly they started sneaking them in...the little logo down there in the corner. they started out pretty benign. just a little semi-transparent thing that said FOX or CBS or whatever...then they added color...then they added some animation to it...now they pretty much show a full blown tv show on the bottom of your screen! what's next? the logos and adds start climbing the side of the screen? take over the top? take over the entire screen, so all we're left with is our tv program...down at the bottom of the screen...over there...in the right corner...
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• Philippines
30 Mar 08
You are right, this could really be very irritating. I am not easily distracted by this though. I think tv stations just have to do this. I do not know what their reasons are but they just have to. It's something we cannot really do about right?
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