I just found a long lost freind, in a really strange way

@missbdoll (1168)
March 29, 2008 10:01pm CST
Years ago I lost contact with a good freind I'd worked with.I knew she'd moved a couple of times and I tried everything I could to find her.I checked phone books online, nothing.None of our freinds knew were she was either.Eventualy I guessed she;d retired and just mooved somewhere, she's a fair bit older than me. As I've mentioned in previous posts a few weeks ago I lost my lights and was stuck in the dark for 4 days, one night I feel over an old card file, and knocked all the cards flying.This was a file frm a buisiness my partner and I had many years ago.When I got the lights back on I found the old address and phone number for my freind, but what was also on it was her mobile number.In all the years it seems like i"d never found it! Then I thought surely after all these years it wouldn't be the same, so I dialed it and got her voice mail! She still had the same number!A couple of days ago I've called and she answered it, she'd deen living overseas all these years and had only got back a few days before.She was just as amazed at how I found her, we talked for ages and she's living in the same state as me but a few hours away in the country.I'm sure we'll stay in touch this time. I still convincing myself this is real, it was so strange.
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@jhl930 (3605)
• United States
30 Mar 08
I know that really does sound so strange but I mean that happens people will lose touch with other people for years and years and then all of a sudden they just come back in touch with each other...I mean I have heard of people doing that before and they will just all of a sudden they will come back into each others lifes and then they will live as friends for the rest of their lives...so I hope that this happens to you as well....good luck with your friend in the future... JHL930
• China
30 Mar 08
I have a hearted girl friend ,but I can find her!
@lilaclady (28246)
• Australia
30 Mar 08
I think this is a thing of fate, it is is like for some reason maybe not to known just at this point, it was meant to be, like somehow you are both to play some part in each others lives, as if maybe something in the future one of you will make a difference in the lives of the other...
@113003455 (160)
• China
30 Mar 08
It sounds like film plot.You're so lucky to get in touch with an old lost friend in such an strange but wonderful way.yes,keep in touch,never lose her again.
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• Philippines
30 Mar 08
isn't it funny how destiny does her work? if its meant to be it will be. she will find a way even if its against all odds.