have you read the Bible entirely?

March 30, 2008 1:10am CST
Have you completed reading the BIble aleast once fully..what do think of it(the book,the teaching)?
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@AJ1952Chats (2340)
• Anderson, Indiana
30 Mar 08
Back in 1982 using a copy of The Jerusalem Bible, I went through the entire collection of books with a fine-tooth comb underlining, leaving comments, etc. This Bible was very good in how it also had pages telling inside stories. For one thing, the way that Paul's letters appear in the New Testament weren't actually the proper order in which they were written. The information included in this Bible told the actual order in which he wrote the letters, and it indicated that, if the books were read in that order, the reader would be able to observe Paul's spiritual growth over time. So I read them in that order, and I could see that this was true. The next time I read the Bible all the way through, it was the New Testament only. This time (in the mid-1990s), it was recorded on tape, read dramatically, and included music played by an orchestra. I would stretch out on the sofa and listen to it through headphones. It gave me this kind of same surronded-by-love feeling that I experienced during my baptism back in April of 1963. At some point, I'm hoping to go through the entire Bible again--this time, reading from The Message.
@anaknitatay (1335)
• Philippines
30 Mar 08
I think I've read it once. I used to read it every night. As a literary work I think it is prices but as a guide to my faith I think it cannot help you on its own but you need a good teacher and christian to point out to you its significance and true teachings