I love chips very much ,what about you?

@chenpan (381)
March 30, 2008 9:18am CST
Chips is one of my favorite snack food ,i enjoy it very much. since i was a little girl ,i like eating chip, each time my aunt came to my home to visit my family menber ,she always broutht chips to me . what about you?do you love chips?
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@smilemoon (767)
• United Arab Emirates
18 Jul 12
I like eating Chips with some juice.
@bayernfan (1430)
• Canada
5 Apr 08
Potato Chips are definitely my favorite snack. A quick stroll through the Potato Chips forum will be proof enough. :) The potato chips is a hearty and versatile snack. They go well with most things and most occasions, the rain notwithstanding. I hope that I didn't forget to mention that they come in so many varieties and flavors and that they taste great. According to Wikipedia: and I quote, "Mary Randolph's book "The Virginia House-wife" (1824) has a part titled "To fry Sliced Potatoes" here raw potatoes are cut into slices or thin shavings and fried "till they are crisp." end quote. So I salute you, Mary Randolph, for your vision and innovation. The world we be a much less enjoyable place were it not for your foresight.
@Ryu_000 (13)
• Hong Kong
31 Mar 08
I love chips, great for TV, gaming, or just munching. Can't get enough of it, whoever invented chips, I salute you
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
30 Mar 08
That is right. Many people love eating chips. Particularly so when it is raining, it is nice to eat chips while watching the rain. Also a lot of chips are consumed while watching an interesting movie or serial. But what is important is to restrict the consumption to as minimum as possible, because it is fried, oily food which may add to cholesterol and all sorts of health problem. The resistance should overtake the temptations.