who is better Shah Ruk or Amir Khan ??

@jidesh (283)
March 30, 2008 9:28am CST
who you think is the better actor and why ?? Shah Ruk most people will say but i think amir is a great actor what you think??
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8 Apr 08
i think aamir is a far better actor than shahrukh no doubt about that...he is more versatile than shahrukh....everytime he comes upon with something new....i think taare zameen par was a great movie......he fits in every role and carries out his job with full comittment and perfection
• India
8 Apr 08
ofcourse shah rukh khan is the best!!!
@anonymili (3138)
4 Apr 08
I have always preferred Shah Rukh Khan to Amir, in fact, I find Amir Khan quite annoying. I am not one of those that thinks he is good looking and I've never bought into the fact that he's a great actor. I do understand that different people have different tastes and I have half a dozen female friends who think I'm mad and who absolutely adore Amir. He's not my fave choice. Of the two you mention I will always go for SRK whose acting has got better and better over the years. I never thought he would be able to do well in Don2 after AB but I found his performance rather fantastic in that film as well as in Devdas, Paheli, Veer Zaara, Kal Ho Na Ho, Dil Se, etc. I have to think really hard to even remember the name of one film of Amir's apart from Lagaan and I haven't even seen that one LOL!