about the discussion on the new mylot rules

March 30, 2008 11:30am CST
i just got frustrated with not being able to post a comment on the discussion mentioned above, apparently i had to have 500 posts i think anyway, not to be disrespectful to the rule here, i just do not want to waste a good thought, bear with me, thanks so, it says that some issues should be banned from being talked about on this site and whether people agree with it i don't. of course i really think that is the administrator's call but to ban certain discussions means there are limits set by other people whose culture and beliefs may be different from yours and that may mean less freedom i always think that people are responsible enough to set boundaries for themselves; to be respectful of cultural differences, to be respectful of individual differences, and to be respectful of other people's freedom now, if for example, the administrator thinks that some boundaries have been overstepped by a particular discussion, trully and explicitly meant to offend or to harrass, then by all means that particular discussion AND user should be thrown out of mylot yeah? thanks
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@chris1314 (787)
30 Mar 08
The new rules dont really stop you anyway, admin doesnt have time to search and look over all of them anyway, i dont think! Dont worry, i have seen 2 discussions just now, which are todays top, which break the new rules! lol Chris :)
• United States
30 Mar 08
What are the new rules? I thought the rules have been the same the whole time I've been here at mylot. If you are speaking about the 500 rating, that is for the copy and paste feature to mylot. I haven't heard about any other changes regarding the 500 post rating?
• Egypt
30 Mar 08
First in my openion i should say that you shouldn't make any discussion that offend sort of people not just one person but a group of people like east people or arab or just the people you don't know well even if you know a people of country you would never see every kind of them even in your country so it isn't fare to say something bad about the whole country other than that you should speak freely