Any body with the same kind of problem or with solution?

March 30, 2008 12:13pm CST
Hello friends, I have a different problem that not many would have heared. And I am suffering with that problem for almost 22 years now. The problem is excess sweating in hand fingers and around it and also excess sweating in leg fingers and around it. Not from anywhere else in the body. Due to this I am facing a lot of problems. For example, i cannot able to write anything in paper. 1.IF i does, the paper gets wet because of the sweating i get in and around my fingers. 2. I cannot able to walk wearing chappels. My chappel gets wet and i get sliped out of my chappel. 3. I cannot able to hold anything with hands. For example, if i keep some money in my hand, it gets so wet. 4. If i walk on a floor without chappel, the floor gets wet and everybody looks after me differently. And I get a sort of shame feeling. 5. I cannot type in keyboard. The problem is, the keyboard gets so wet and i have to wipe out the wetness in keyboard for every 1 minute. The same thing with mouse too. 6. Once my mobile phone got repaired. You know how? I use to send SMS to my friends a lot. When i type SMS in my cell phone, the sweating comes out of my hand and it enters my mobile phone and it got repaired. And it is unrepairable. And finally throwed away the phone. That mobile phone costs nearly $800 dollars. 7. I cannot hold anyting, anything i hold gets wet due to the excess sweating comes out of my hand. 8. I am afraid to hold any electronic item in my hand. 9. Once when i was riding my motor cycle, with my friend at the back seat, my friend told me that he want to drive the motor cycle. And i too gave it. When my friend was in front and when he tried to hold the hand pair, it was wet has hell. he criticized me. 10. And i am facing a tons and tons of problems in day to day life. due to this. Any one with a similar problem or any one can help be out to sort this problem. I will be very thankfull if some one helps me out to come our of this hell. And again doctors are worthless, i have consulted thousands of doctor regarding this issue right from my childhood and every one gives tablets and medice and none is worthless. Any one can help me??
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