Do we need to go to church?

United States
March 30, 2008 12:16pm CST
I have had family members who say they don't need to go to church, that they will do bible studies on their own. What I would like is to see what others think and explain why we should/need or why we don't need to go to church.
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@tops76 (289)
• India
5 Apr 08
yes we definitely we need to go to church. god has done so many good things on us, don't you think we should thank him for all this things?
@zweeb82 (5713)
• Malaysia
4 Apr 08
In the bible, in the New Testament it is clearly written do not forsake the assembly of the saints. But yet it is also very essential to understand that the "church" we normally refer to today is the building. In actual fact, the truth is WE ARE the church. We are his body. We are the living stones that's placed together to form the church. The church is a living organism. Jesus said:"Upon this rock I will build my church" - the rock means upon this revelation! There are reasons why people say it's not necessary to go to church, majority because they are hurt. They do not understand what they miss. People in China on the other hand long to go to church but they'll be under heavy persecution. That's why there's the so called underground church, where they really go underground & other just gather in houses - cell groups. And mind you their house fellowships are by the thousands. It all boils down to the hunger of the individual ;)
• Singapore
31 Mar 08
hmm... well, 'need' is a subjective word. Being a church goer, i believe that all believers need to go to church. We go to church not because God needs us to go and 'see' him but rather, we need to benefit from the presence of the community and His love. That's above all the spiritual inputs by the pastors etc. So ya, we all do need to go to church. For our own good.
• Canada
30 Mar 08
i ask myself this question all the time.. because i dont believe that everyone needs to gather at a certain place at a certain time just be with Jesus or God.. i personally think that we can do that at and on your own time whenever we feel like it that we dont need to goto a specific place that is designed for that.. people say that God is everywhere and always around so why is it at that we must goto church and cant do things on our own time wherever we want?
@benthose (475)
• India
30 Mar 08
First of all, I am not a Christian.. And secondly, I am irreligious and do not believe in any supernatural existence.. But I would like to share with you, a picture I stumbled upon in the internet about people not going to church.. It was a picture of something like a notice-board in front of a Church. This is what it read: "What is missing from CH__CH ?? U R !!" Hope you got the pun.. It was just lovely.. (The letters ur are missing from the word church.. And U R = You Are..)
@rev1wendy (611)
• United States
30 Mar 08
Christ stated that if two or more people gather in His name then He will be there also. If they are truly studying God's word and growing in the spirit, they are in church. Even if they are not in a building that is acceptable to you, or the rest of society. The reason for chuch is to grow and learn how to be an effective member of the body of Christ. Many of our greatest churches have begun in homes and garages.