global warming...

March 30, 2008 11:01pm CST
information about global warming would be appreciated...^_^ how it affect everybody, and how to help prevent... thanks
2 responses
• Indonesia
1 Apr 08
we can start with ourselves, don't spend fuel or gasoline for our ride....! then we can plant some green plantation in our garden...! if we are brilliant just make a ride no polution, like electric motorcycle, or hydro car...! lol
• Philippines
1 Apr 08
yes,it can help if we plant some green plants in our garden...^_^ i think we already have that technology of electric cars... the question is how soon it would be available for mass usage. seems its still in infancy stage...&_&
• India
31 Mar 08
i believe in industrialisation .I care about environment too.For both to cherish i believe that it must be made mandatory that every company grows trees around itself .Its time we act before the earth runs out of oxygen.
• Philippines
1 Apr 08
hi saurav, i dont think we can run out of oxygen...hehe possible we can run out of clean air to breath if we dont take care of our environtment...