What Makes You Think You Are A Loving Wife?

United States
March 31, 2008 1:50am CST
Hello to all the mylot wives out there! I thought this would be a good discussion to start for women to chat. I just want to know the many different things that women feel make them a good wife to their husbands. Also how you feel after you do things for your husband. And how he feels and shows you appreciation for the things you do.
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@vera5d (4006)
• United States
7 Apr 08
I think I am a loving wife because I do nice things for my hubby like make him dinner, wash his clothes, show him affection, laugh with him about silly things, give him backrubs after a long hard day and more... my hubby is not like most - he listens to me, he takes care of me, he would do anything for me...he has also done things like scrub my kitchen floor and bath tub...a guy like that you want to make sure he knows how much you love him :)
• United States
9 Apr 08
Thank you for your reply and you are right it is very important to make your husband feel loved and have him know how much you appreciate him. My husband does anything I need for him to do and is always there for me when I need him. But I know not to take advantage of that and to appreciate him greatly because when he goes I will have to do it all myself and truthfully I would be lost without him. He is my other half. I love him bunches!
@Kecia08 (554)
• United States
1 Apr 08
I feel that loving and supporting my husband unconditionally is a good start. Being there for him when he is upset or sad, and getting to spend fun times with him as well. Since I am a housewife, I make sure the house is clean and the laundry is done. It makes me feel good that he is happy, and that we have a great marriage. He shows he loves me and the things I do for him by sometimes helping me out, surprising me with a dinner and a movie, or with flowers.
• United States
1 Apr 08
Thank you for your response! and all the things you do to keep him happy such as the laundry and keeping the house clean are wonderful! and it is nice to see that he appreciates you by surprises and loving things! great to see you have a wonderful marriage.
@g_aileen09 (1354)
• Philippines
31 Mar 08
Hello there... this is my first response after an eight-month long hibernation. I may say i could relate well with this topic, because barely a month ago, I suffered the agony of nearly losing my significant other. He was hospitalized for ten days and during that time, all I wanted was to hold his hand and do nothing…just wanted to be with him in every single second. I wanted to give him my breath, my own life, if need be. I am not a perfect wife, but I wanted everything to be perfect for him, from morning till evening, in every day of his life. How I feel after having given him the best of who and what I am, it really doesn’t matter. I just wanted to…give, without expecting anything in return.