Can we get the beautiful voice with training? if so, how can we do it by ourself

March 31, 2008 2:13am CST
I am fond of and fanatic about music. But unfortunately, I have a very poor voice. My sing is always off key! Maybe you could not believe it, but it is true. I just wonder singing well is a kind of talent that we possess at our birth, or that we could acquired with later training? If we could have a beautiful voice after trained, how could we make it by ourselves? have you got any experience that you have a fine voice after some easy training by yourself? Thank you so much to share it!
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@heart143 (1204)
• Philippines
1 Apr 08
I believe everybody is created equal and each one of us possess a talent. You may not be good in singing but you may be igood in another thing. Justlike any other skill, I think having a nice voice can be learned also. I think you just have to put extra time, much effort and your heart in it. I am not a good singer too, but I think it's the patience in learning and my desire to sing that helped me a lot. I can never say I'm already a good singer, but I know and many noticed that I have improved a lot. There are CDs available in the market which teaches techniques on how to sing better. I got one long time ago. Just go on and sing...practice makes perfect!
@gabrielle47 (1221)
• Philippines
1 Apr 08
Hi Jiaforever. Well I guess a nice voice comes naturally but I believe that all voice can be trained to be a beautiful singing voice. Maybe its a matter of training the vocal chords and know how perfectly to use them to sing right. I think you cannot do it yourself to be a very good singer and have to learn in a voice class. Teachers teach the right method of breathing and how to project and use your voice so I guess its better that way if you want to learn to sing good. I was conscious before of my voice and I really don't sing well not until I know I can carry a tune and joined a church choir that my friend told me I can sing. From that moment on i began to sing and do what the choir master tells me to do. I also used to sing in chat and as time goes by, my friends tell me that my voice improves. So singing always helps improves voice i guess. Just be confident and ask for opinion. Learn and see what you've got but don't let go of the dream if you want to be a singer!
@Writerbob (572)
• United States
31 Mar 08
My voice sucked when I was young, and it has not improved with age, despite huge amounts of effort in that direction. Sorry to say, but you're either born with it or not.