Which place do u prefer to have a kiss...????

March 31, 2008 3:19am CST
I prefer a beachside...where rain falls as if the whole sea has gone mad.....and where the beach water make my feet slizzle and there i'll just give her a lip-lip kiss till the end of life........
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@SHAMRACK (8443)
• India
31 Mar 08
Dear Friend, Getting kiss also varies according to person who gives it too. If I would want to kiss a baby I would kiss on forehead or chin or may on both fingers of hand, if parents I would kiss on cheek, if friends too I would rarely kiss on cheeks, lastly on partner or spouse I would like to kiss mostly on lips or may be other places too.
• Philippines
31 Mar 08
Hey! that is soo sweet! I thought you were asking what place in my body i prefer to be kissed?! hehehe being naughty again. Uhhmm, let me think, yeah at the beach that's nice. How about on top of the mountain??! After that very tiring mountain trekking and once you were on top, seeing all the magnificent views from the top, you know the feeling of NIRVANA... Then all of a sudden this handsome man, witn long black curly hair, with soul piercing eyes,. That, that cute guy, you've been dreaming to kiss, ooh, suddenly grabed you from your waist and, and... Looked you gently in the eyes and told you. I've been wanting to do this for such a long, long time suddenly kissed you gently (ohh my, my heart is really ponding..lol!)leaving you breathless... Come on! am just starting yet... hehehe now back to reality! How was that for a kiss????