I want to repair a oil painting that has a small hole in it.

October 31, 2006 11:57am CST
I was helping this guy move some stuff and i accedentaly poked a small hole in a painting of his. I broke it and now i bought it. I wanted to repair it if possible. Should i glue a backing to it to close up the hole or attempt to stitch the canvas together.
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28 Oct 09
You can get it professionally repaired at a reasonable cost at oilpaintingdoctor.com. Lynn, a talented artist and restorer, can give you a quote online, and the painting can be shipped, repaired, and returned to you via mail. Repairing a hole in an oil painting requires that the canvas be patched from the back with a small piece of canvas. This is applied via a hot wax process the helps to blend the fibers of the hold and new canvas. The hole is then in-painte to blend with the original painting.