Is it important to have a luxury life to feel happy?

March 31, 2008 12:24pm CST
I live in Italy, travel a lot...Every day I see the yachts in the bay, the luxury hotels for tourists, expensive cars (Ferrari...) and so on...But is it really important to have all this stuff to feel happy? I doubt that all these people who have the luxury sweet life are happy in their personal relations. I mean, when normal people look them, they feel envious...But who knows..maybe sometimes they envy us, NORMAL people...
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@sdaimei (56)
• China
4 Apr 08
How can one feel happy? It is an awesome difficult question to answer. I guess every person has his own idea of a happy life. To me, I feel happy when I can achieve my goals at last. I care very little about material life. I don't think a luxury life is a happy life. Others may think so though. It is understandable that for some people a luxury life is the sign of happy life. I have friends who are very people with respect to material life but live happy lives. I also have rich friends who live fashionable lives and complain all day. personally, I think being happy is just a feeling, it has nothing to do with whether you lead a luxury life or not.
@psycico (18)
• Egypt
1 Apr 08
Sometimes it is important to have luxury in life to feel happy, but we also need to be grateful and satisfied with what we already have. If you are rich or poor, it doesn't make a difference, because your hapiness is determined by the level of satisfaction you feel towards your life and your self. To feel happy one has to have a peace of mind and a clear definite purpose, by which he can follow to live a meaningful life!
• China
1 Apr 08
I live in Chian.I haven't travelled many places so far. I just went to one or two places. I think it is hard for me to travel, because it spends too much money and time. I can not afford for that. I also want have a luxury life which may make me feel more interest in life. What i have to do is working hard for making money.I believe that some of those who have the luxury sweet life are happy.They have choice,they can choose what they like to do without considering the money.
@gemini_rose (16193)
31 Mar 08
Not all of it maybe, I could live without the yachts and the expensive cars, but I think having a bit of money helps. I would not mind being able to have more than one weeks holiday a year, and I would love to be able to go out shopping for me and the kids a little more than once every few months. I would love to not have to work out a budget for every penny that comes into the house every month!! I would definately be a lot happier and less stressed if I had a bit more of the good life. I do not envy them much, but I envy them the fact that they do not have to worry much about what they spend on a daily basis.