Government of all country or government of Iraq.

Bombings at Iraq - Bomblast was held in Iraq many people were found dead as well as injured.
March 31, 2008 1:23pm CST
Hey before starting this discussion i want to clear about myself. Friends i doesn't leave in Iraq, but still i think and care about Iraq the country where the most propably chances of war and not only care bout Iraq but all the countries and respect the Countries in the world. Freinds and all the members of mylloters i would like to ask all that, how do you think the situation in Iraq is going to turn out (government-wise)? Are they going to be able to form a strong democracy or is there too much diviseness with the country itself? Also, the insurgents haven't stopped, there are still bombings and such taking many lives. How do we stop them, if possible? What is the role of other countries in the formation of Iraq's new government? And do these countries have an economic stake in Iraq (oil, etc.)?
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