Maupin Family In Cincinnati, Ohio can finally rest

Parents Keith and Carolyn Maupin at the Yellow Rib - Inspired shortly after Matt Maupin went missing, his parents began the Yellow Ribbon Support Center. This organization was dedicated to all of the military personnel currently assigned overseas defending this great country. We also hope to offer moral support to the loved ones left behind. We are not experts but are willing to lend a listening ear and maybe learn something along the way.

Their main goal was to raise the morale of all the troops. To accomplish this task, they relied heavily on donations and contributions. Most were taken in by the sales of the yellow ribbons. For $3 you got a magnet that you could put anywhere on your car to support the troops.
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March 31, 2008 2:19pm CST
People who lived in the Midwest region will probably remember this. Especially those in the Greater Cincinnati area. In April of 2004, shortly after the war started, the first soldier from Ohio (I believe) was captured. The following week Al-Jeezera aired a video showing Matt Maupin sitting on the floor, surrounded by five masked gunmen. In June, Al-Jeezera aired another tape, supposedly showing them shooting an American Soldier in the head. Since the tape was grainy and blurry, the Maupin family held out hope that their son was still alive and would return home. I followed the story, but as months began to pass, I began to lose hope for Matt. My heart went out to the family, but it just didn't seem possible that the enemy would have kept him alive for that long a time. As years passed, many events were held in his name. A yellow ribbon campaign surged through the Tri-State, for him and other soldiers that went missing. Some returned, some met worse fates; we never heard about Matt Maupin, except when the family was attending a certain campaign. At this point, I just wished that they would find the remains of Matt Maupin. I didn't wish that he was dead, but I knew not knowing had to be utter agony for the family. At least if they found the remains, the questions would be answered, they could finally rest. Well, yesterday, on March 30th, almost four years after he went missing, the Maupin family has finally gotten word that his remains were found. I know that this has had to tear his parents up, but at the same time I know a weight has lifted off their shoulders. They can finally stop wondering, and begin to move on to the rest of their lives, what is left. Are you familiar with the Matt Maupin story? (If not, go to Did you follow this the whole way? Are you saddened or relieved for the Maupin family now that they know for a fact that their son is dead? Did you hope that he may be still alive, even after all the time that has passed? Is it better to give up hope in the beginning, or to hold on to hope forever, only to have it dashed on the rocks?
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@SukiSmiles (1998)
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31 Mar 08
As a parent, I don't know if I could give up hope that my child would be found alive. I would still want to see, hear and touch him again. I am both saddened and relieved for the Maupin family. I am glad that now they know and do not have to wonder anymore.