Which kind of travel is more pleasant???

March 31, 2008 2:25pm CST
I mean whether train or plane or ship???
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• United States
31 Mar 08
I think going on a cruise is the best way to go. Very relaxing but FUN and you get pampered! The food is great too!
@maximax8 (29148)
• United Kingdom
31 Mar 08
I have found that going by train is the most pleasant way to travel because it goes along a track and these usually are of the same quality. There is an excellent train system in Europe that I have enjoyed traveling on. I like to look out of the window in the day time and sleep in a comfortable compartment in the night time. I have been on trains in Australia and one of these even had a club loco carriage. I have been on some really scenic train trips in New Zealand, seeing both the ocean and the mountains. I always feel relaxed when I travel by train. I take a bus if no train is available but sometimes find that leg room is restricted. I can get travel sick on journeys that involve going along winding mountain roads. During the day I feel happy to look out of the window and during the night it is often challenging to sleep upright in a seat. Traveling by ship is great if the sea is calm and it can be enjoyable to pass islands like did when I was in the Maldives. However it was such a choppy journey to Ireland that I was really travel sick. Then all further sailing that day were canceled. So the train gets my vote.