Javascript Error in Rich Text Editor and Yahoo Messenger inbox?

Janesville, Wisconsin
March 31, 2008 3:31pm CST
ok, all.. I updated my flash.. I updated my java .. thinking it had to do with javascript. but I read on some other messages that javascript has nothing to do with Java... I like to do my blog on blogger, and I like to use google mail, and I like to use Yahoo mail, and yahoo messengers inside the mail. What is going on is.. I can post on my blog through the html version, but I can not post on the regular compose on blogger ... Text will not even show up, and when I am in gmail, the javascript buttons act like they are totally dead... I will try and try .. nothing will happen, and sometimes I will get a browser error ... but the error does not give me a clue into what is going on.. I will log into yahoo mail, can read delete and respond to the mail just fine in their unclassic and classic version, I will try to use their version of messenger through the mail ... I can see who is on I can change my away status.. but I can not type anything in the text box, and I can choose smileys and change my avatar fine but I can not hit the send button, however converting text to im works okay althought it takes like nearly a minute to do so, converting chats to emails works fine.. but I can not type or respond to any messages ... It appears what is erroring has to do with the javascript, and Rich Text Editors... Without updating my Microsoft Internet explorer 6.0 Is there a specific program I can update or simple settings to check I am on Windows XP as well... My Mother has the same type of computer and same browser .. And it works fine on hers I checked and played with the browser advanced settings as much as I could trying to trouble shoot the problem ... Does, Anyone here have a clue of how I can figure out how to fix these problems? I gotta be able to do all my normal internet activities... or I am going to lose my mind ... We are on highspeed dial up.. but since my computer seems to have little RAM, or is being very slow for some reason, I am not sure if that is the problem or what is ... But I am at wits end.. Help, me please computer wizards :) . - Dana C. L. "DNatureofDTrain"
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• Hyderabad, India
31 Mar 08
Chill out dnatureofdtrain. There is nothing you could do. But there are somethings which you need to do first set your browser to accept Java. Second make your browser Activex compliant. third download flash player adobe. There is nothing you could do with java error on yahoo site or gmail site. Try to uninstall and reinstall. RAM never has anything to do with java error it just slows down your performance or speed. Choudhary
• Janesville, Wisconsin
31 Mar 08
okay, Actually it can be fixed as I had just fixed it.. What I did was I turned of Freedom Lock's Freedom pop up blocker, and turned on my zonealarm pop up blocker instead, and I instead some new Microsoft Silverware program ... that is required for the new version of slashmysearch.. Not sure what the problem was but those two actions fixed it so now I can finally do all that I wined about about. Thanks for taking your time responding to this.. - Dana C. L. "DNatureofDTrain"