Prosperity Gospel

March 31, 2008 10:20pm CST
Sociology tells us that a crowd will follow the same direction because they have a common goal. It seems the leaders who are teaching you to get rich are the first to get rich. The fengshui experts tells us how. The astrologer tells us how. The fortune teller and the spells and charms. Their products are selling like hot cakes. Some evangelist also in the business to telling you how. The truth is in the Gospel. Read the Bible and God will tell you how. It is hard to follow the prosperity gospel of Jesus. If you want to receive (greater wealth) start by giving - like tithes , first fruit offering, giving and caring for the poor. The more you become a generous person the more God will bless you. Many of us are sitting alone in our house feeling sorry and indulging in self pity, and depression. Put some penny for the poor. Think of ways how to practice kindness and mercy to your neighbor, if do not want to go far. Someone near you needs you loving kindness, in words and in material blessing. St. Francis said - "It is in giving that we receive." Seek for Eternal Treasure. Seek for Eternal Rewards (points) God is also in the counting business. The more you give the greater is your rewards. Who is rich in heaven, rich in the eyes of God. Seek not the praise of men, but the approval of God. "The world richest People" will tell you to get rich is in giving to the less fortunate. Philantrophy is not only for the rich. Start today in seeking out the poorest of the poor and God will enrich you, your life and you heart. "The sea of Mercy" starts in your heart. The power of wealth is in your hand if you know how to give, care for others. Seek first the Kingdom of God, The Kingdom of Kindness and mercy. God will bless you more than your heart can contain.
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@suspenseful (40316)
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1 Apr 08
The trouble with the Prosperity Gospel is that it depends on not only you giving, but you receiving material blessings in this life. Yet, there are Christians who give in this life and yet die in poverty. Jesus said "my kingdom is not of this world," and that meant that you should not expect to get rich in this world. Besides, HE expects you to give willingly not with the expectation of getting something back and have you not noticed many evil people who are rich. They are not followers of Christ, so why are they flush with money? If the Prosperity gospel worked, they would be poor and the Christians would have all the money.