cool gadgets!!!

April 1, 2008 1:02am CST
Now a day's people in different status of lives have there cellphones, you could see different models with sophisticated features. Some people are contented to have a unit as simply as can be used for receiving text, sending text and for call functionality. While others love to go through newly release models. You could see different features, there are cellphone units that has a wifi feature where in you can browse the internet even if you have no laptop or computer. Sounds cool right....
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• Malaysia
1 Apr 08
yup, I do agree with you. I am oneof those that is using PDA, which has everything, from simple texting and MMS to sophiscatde WIFI and GPS. Well, actually, I don't really use GPS function that much. The main reason why I use PDA is because of work, so that I can access my emails and respond to my work and do some of the work right on my PDA and when on the go.