What is more important?

April 1, 2008 2:19am CST
What is more important in a movie? is it the story? or the songs that add colour? or the comedy? or the choreography? or the acting skills? Which according to you is THE MOST IMPORTANT CRITERIA...You can include your own options also...
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• United States
1 Apr 08
according to me every thing should be perfect in movie.but the most important thing is that story should be very good.and also acting is very important.this things really important for making a good movie.
• China
1 Apr 08
I think the most important thing is the story. The story is the basement of a movie, if the story is bad, even the director use the best actor, I think the movie is also unattractive.
@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
1 Apr 08
The story is the most important thing in a movie. At least in most movies. But sometimes there is something that is hard to describe, like a mood or a feeling, that you get from watching. And it may not come from the story itself.
@nanayangel (7865)
• Philippines
1 Apr 08
Hi there subin_loyolite! I think that the most important part of the movie is the story. I know that every part of it counts and contributes to the overall output of the movie but I think among all of them, it is the story tha matters the most. It is the main reason why the whole movie is created. Because it has a story to tell. The songs and the colors adds more feel to the scenes in the movie and the script should always catch the attention of the viewers. Acting skills should really be present too because it is your way of reaching out to the audience so they can feel the mood of each and every scene. But still, for me, it's the story.