What do you think of earn money on the Internet?

April 1, 2008 2:35am CST
There are so many methods of earn money on the Internet.For example,click to make money,reading email to make money,surfing for money,and so on.What do you think of this methods?Do you think they are ture?
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@julyteen (13259)
• Davao, Philippines
1 Apr 08
yeah many methods on how to earn money online...but not all are legitimate most of them scam. i considered a site legitimate if i received their payments. i have site now that i am working hard to earn money although they pay me little amount weekly but doesn't matter. the most important they pay you. i have also site that pays 5 dollars or 10 dollars but it needs for me to extend my multi-level marketing strategy and i am not good on networking so i am contented on the penny now than the huge one which i think need more expertise.
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@MichaelJay (1100)
1 Apr 08
I have been using the internet for 12 yars and for about 10 I have looked for methods to earn money which are legitimate. I hesitate to use the harsh word 'scam' about any sit unless they ask you for money and don't deliver what you have paid for. You cannot say something is a 'scam' because you choose to do it and it takes up your time - that is your choice as an adult person. On my profile is a link to my site which lists the schemes I have found to be trustworthy and actually payout. It is called Network and be Damned! I hope it helps.