what would you do,if you have several days to live?

April 1, 2008 3:41am CST
I have heard such a thing,there is a young girl who got cancer unfortunately.It was not precancerous when it was found in the hospital.so the little's famly spend much money on her to cure her disease.but you know ,it was impossible to cure ,for it was cancer and it was found late.but the family insist on cuaring her and borrow lots of money,so the family have a heavy burden .At last ,the girl was dead and the family was broken for it owed lots of money. In may opinion ,if I have a cancer ,I would choose not to cure the diease for there is no hope(it is not precancerous).I would use the left life to do some thing that I used want to do and something have big meanings or just have fun and travell around------ I don't like to waste money to cure my uncured disease and let my family have heavy burden.It was useless and waste time and money. what would you do ,if you have several day to live?I expect your answers^_^
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