Taking a big trip in August...

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April 1, 2008 6:55am CST
So here's the deal, in August my family is taking a trip. The members will be, my husband, 13 yo daughter, my son who will be turning 2 in August, my 19 yo nephew, and myself. We live in Connecticut and will be flying to Las Vegas, then driving to Bakersfield,CA, then to L.A. Flying out of L.A. to Seattle , Washington, then of course back to Connecticut. This trip should consist of about 13 days. I am really nervous about flying first off, second I am flying with my son who is quite young. I have decided to purchase a seat for him, although he will still be able to fly free. I know my son will not sit on our laps for over 5 hours on a plane. If I purchase the seat, I can hook up his car seat, then he'll be more relaxed and strapped in. So, has anyone traveled this much with a young one? What are your experiences?
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@maximax8 (28490)
• United Kingdom
1 Apr 08
I wish you good luck with your big trip in August. I have a 12 year old son and an 11 month old son son. So I know what it is like to travel with a young child. It is so fortunate that your airline is letting you take a car seat for your 2 year old son to sit on. I suggest that you take drinks for him and a few small toys. Nappy changing things should be taken with you on the plane as well. I flew to Portugal last year with my young one and he was fine on the flights we did. With a 2 year old they need a bit of fun on the journey otherwise they might get bored.
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1 Apr 08
Thank you for the response. I decided to use JetBlue. They have tv's in the back of every seat, so I think this will also really help out. I feel I have to do it this way because I just can't imagine a 5 hour flight with him on our laps...there's just no way he'll stay put for that long!!!! My son started walking @ 9 months old and he hasn't stopped since. :)