Tamil nadu

April 1, 2008 7:28am CST
Tamil nadu is one of the 28 states i india. It lies on the eastern coast of the southern indian peninsula bordered by Puducherry (pondicherry), kerala, karnataka and andhra preadesh. Tamil nadu is bound by the eastern Ghats in the north, the nilgir, the Annamalai, Hills, & Palakkad on the west, bay of bengal in the east, Gull of mannar, palk strait in the south east and indian ocean in the south. It is the eleventh largest state in India by size and the sixth most populous state.
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1 Apr 08
Tamil nadu is th homeland of the Tamils and has existed since prehistoric times. The culture and artwork of this region are considered to be some of the oldes in the world. I is hokme to one of the world's classical languares, Tamil. The language has been documented as being around for atleast 5,000 years in written form, but was spoken long before that. Tamil nadu also has one of that. Tamil nadu also has one of the oldest culinary heritages in the world.