New great site for getting referral !!!!

@vinay049 (1839)
April 1, 2008 7:44am CST
hi friends i found one great site[it's a legit one] today.I asked many people about that.They all respond in positive. This is a new site that is just starting off but has enough members already to do its job. Its job is to give your referral links for any site to other people who are already looking for it but need a way to find it. this is free and easy to use! I started only a couple of days ago and I have already gotten a referral from it!!! There are a lot of sites offering free stuff like Game systems, $100+ gift cards, etc. but they require you to refer people to join as well. Here is something to help get some of those pesky referrals out of the way! The way this works is by requiring you to earn credits, to be redeemed (50 minimum) for posting your referral link. The link then remains up until your redeemed credits goes to 0. How do you actually earn the credits, you ask? Well it is actually very simple and easy to do (took me 2 min to redeem 50+ credits) “There are a couple ways to gain credits for free: The first way is by clicking on links that other members are promoting. We have a category system so the links will be in categories that you have interest in. Once you visit a link you get a certain amount of credit for viewing it. There is currently no limit to the amount of links you can view in a day, but is limited to the number posted in categories that you are interested in. Another way to gain credit is from your friends. If your friends are wondering how you are so successful in promoting your referral links, we will give you an incentive to tell them about us. REply me i will send you links.
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